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The Benefits of Dance

Jiveinferno offers an energising alternative to the gym- disguised as dancing classes, each night brings a new opportunity to everyone for healthy social interaction while learning a new skill – the benefits include keeping fit (the light exercise will improve your breathing, toning, flexibility, posture, balance and grace), giving not only your heart & circulation a boost, but also your self-confidence and even experienced dancers pick up tips on styling, music interpretation and ways to make your partner enjoy your lead.

The Dance Class

Come to any of Jiveinferno’s dance classes as listed and you will be welcomed by our crew; a little warm-up practice, then everyone takes to the dance floor for the class, where some basic moves are taught in a simple routine – we break for more practice time when you have an opportunity to get one-to-one assistance from our crew.
Newcomers are then taken through the routine again (this time with better understanding) while more experienced dancers learn some new moves, before coming back on the dance floor for some more – yes – practice! TIP: when you attend more than one class a week, you will see a marked improvement in your dancing – see also ‘Workshops’.

The Dress

You are partner dancing, so think about your partner – we advise cool, comfortable clothing – you might like to bring a towel or an extra shirt to change into – as things generally heat up during our classes.

Shoes with leather or non-grip soles will work best, or invest in a pair of dance shoes – low, solid heels are more comfortable and safer than stilettos (again, think about the other dancers on the floor) and ladies shoes with a strap across the foot tend to be the safest.

Private Lessons

Jiveinferno works with singles and partners who desire to improve their current dance skills, where you will be given specific aspects on which you can concentrate, in order to take you from wherever your current ability is to the next level & beyond.

Wedding Dance

If your focus is on the first dance together as a married couple, we can help you make it both romantic and comfortable, where both of you are confident to give your guests a stunning display of a routine choreographed to your own special song! Jiveinferno makes it possible for your to cherish the memory of the first time you walk onto the dance floor as ‘Mr. & Mrs.’.

Hen Parties - Special Birthdays - Girls Night Out - Stag Do's

Get your special party off to a flying start with something a little different: Jiveinferno can bring the atmosphere from mild to wild! Imagine being John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, Baby from Dirty Dancing or mastering a routine with your best friends so that when THAT song comes on at a disco or club you can go crazy and drive the onlookers quite insane too!

Dance Demonstrations

If you are planning a special event, book Jiveinferno to thrill your guests with a Dance Cabaret. At Festivals and Outdoor Events, Jiveinferno brings colour, infectious music & movement to engage the senses: audience participation is encouraged.

Younger Ages

Transcending barriers like language, culture and many of the issues facing young people today, Jiveinferno’s programme for youth is built on encouragement, empowering, building self-confidence and increasing self-esteem. As well as providing a fun alternative to P.E., the activity opens a great method of sharpening the mind and co-ordinating body movement.

Team Building

Jiveinferno is a proven excellent way to get co-workers having some ‘R and R’ together for 3, 6 or 8 week courses; taking people out of their comfort zones and improving morale: starting requirements are:
(i) show up
(ii) show willing to take part!

Dance Workshops

Once you’ve caught the bug, Jiveinferno organises something a little extra for dancers: we bring specialists in specific areas of dance to help you improve technique, timing & style. Advanced workshops teach complex moves, jumps, dips & aerials.


Now that you’re hooked, you just want to dance, so Jiveinferno regularly arranges dance nights where people from different classes have an opportunity to meet and strut their stuff. Themed by the season (for example Summer Party, Back to School, Halloween) the object of the exercise is to ensure everyone enjoys themselves … as we always do, week by week, year on year!

Weekly Dance Classes

Garter Lane Dance Studios, 5 O’Connell Street, Waterford.

MONDAY: 8-10pm


Tinryland GFC, Rathcrogue,Co.Carlow.

R93 YA78

Tuesday 8-10pm


Coming soon

Wednesday 8 – 10pm


The Presentation Centre,Convent Road, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

Thursday 8 – 10pm

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